Attractive skin packs and full wrap labels create excitement - and not just at the point of sale

The two brothers, Samuel and Charles Gosselin, specialise in smoked salmon, and lately they have been making a great impression on customers both old and new with attractive vacuum skin packs, which exert a magical attraction for the consumer thanks to their colourful full wrap label.

This is how the Irish slice!

The meat company, Divilly Brothers, improves its pro-duction with a MULTIVAC slicer

Cheese production and the cloud

The traditional cheese manufacturer, Jermi Käsewerk, is modernising its production with MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines

Successful collaboration: Zandbergen World's Finest Meat, Beyond Meat and MULTIVAC

In the summer of 2020 Zandbergen World's Finest Meat successfully put two MULTIVAC lines into service in its new factory (The New Plant) in Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands, where Beyond Meat products are manufactured. The lines are complete with handling solutions as well as a labelling and marking system. An example of…

“60 years of MULTIVAC - Globalisation, digitalisation and sustainability”

Some 60 years after the company was founded, MULTIVAC has long been known as much more than just a producer of packaging machines. The company has now developed into a global systems supplier with an annual turnover of 1.2 billion euros. And it is treading new paths in digitalisation and sustainability. Discussion with…

Networked, reliable and efficient: a new dimension in tray packaging

Whether it is gourmet hamburgers, filled chicken breast, beef and poultry kebabs or even veggie kebabs, pork fillets or asparagus in bacon - quality, innovation and appetizing appearance are always the first priority at Premier Custom Foods. The ethos of the food producer based in Kansas City is to transform…

"Digitalisation in the packaging process is gaining in dynamism"

Interview with Dr Marius Grathwohl, Vice President of Digital Products & Transformation at MULTIVAC

Ter Beke uses digital solutions from MULTIVAC

The Belgian food company, Ter Beke, counts on digitalization – and on MULTIVAC – in its factory in Veurne. Thanks to MULTIVAC’s digital services, it has been possible to optimize the complex packaging processes for the different sausage varieties to a very significant degree – and within just the initial phase of…

Maximum flexibility in the portioning of fresh meat

Producers of sausage and meat products are being required, now more than ever, to provide a wide range of varieties for the market. This product diversity and the associated competition are a real challenge. Another major challenge is being able to push through commercially viable market prices for the particular…

Favourite dishes from the wine bar during these corona times

Peter Geißler cooks fresh, seasonal and above all high-quality dishes from local ingredients in his long-established "Hensler" wine bar in Kempten's old town. Without additives or preservatives. He obtains his ingredients direct from the local area, and he knows all his suppliers personally. His guests appreciate the…

Sustainable packaging solution for innovative meat substitute products

Giving up meat does not have to mean sacrificing the taste. The Amidori Food Company GmbH & Co. KG in the town of Stegaurach in Upper Franconia has proved this with its innovative meat substitute products based on local pea protein. The start-up business places great value on sustainability along the entire added value…

The DNA of Better Packaging and Processing

As a supplier of integrated solutions for packaging and processing, MULTIVAC offers its customers not only a very varied range of equipment, which continues to be expanded with innovative products, but also supports them through its comprehensive expertise in automation and complete lines.

The new traysealer generation - high-performance, reliable, flexible and equipped for the future

MULTIVAC is continually expanding the TX range. Following the launch of the first traysealer in this series at IFFA 2019, the TX range now includes a total of six models. The latest product, the TX 810, is being launched on the market by MULTIVAC in the early part of this year.

FRITSCH - A strong MULTIVAC brand

The integration of FRITSCH into the MULTIVAC Group is proceeding very rapidly. The joint CEOs, Andreas Eyd and Frank Gabriel, report in this interview on the current state and prospects of the family company, which was founded in 1926.

Realignment of the MULTIVAC brand

Interview with Klaus Müller, Director of Marketing Communication

Wine serving 4.0 – how a Belgian start-up company revolutionizes the hospitality industry

The trend in wine consumption in the hotel and restaurant sector is clearly moving towards serving wine by the glass. This gave a Belgian businessman and his two associates the opportunity to invent a completely new way of serving wine. The development of a suitable solution and new wine packaging proved to be highly…

“Continuous sustainable growth is our recipe for success”

The expansion of MULTIVAC's product range moves ahead rapidly. The latest product developments include in particular the new X-line machine generation, the slicer range and a number of automation solutions, as well as several highly efficient labelling systems such as the new cross web labeller. In this discussion with…

The new DP 225 direct web printer

The MULTIVAC product range now includes a new direct web printer, the DP 225, which is perfectly designed for the requirements of the TX traysealers, both in terms of its mechanical elements and machine control. The direct web printer is highly impressive with its many improvements over previous models - these include…

“We are buying a solution”

The Dmitrovskie Group is Russia's oldest supplier of vegetable products for the domestic retail market. In recent years, the company has actively driven forward its vegetable processing business and expanded its range of pre-packed sliced vegetables, salads and cooked vegetable products.

Innovative packaging concept contributes to the reduction in food waste

In Denmark as elsewhere, the awareness of sustainability has continued to rise in recent years. The responsible handling of resources also includes the prevention of food waste.

Potato specialities securely packed and protected

Systematic quality assurance from the growing of the product to the cooking process and right through to packing - that is the quality claim of Peka Kroef. The Dutch producer of pre-cooked potato specialities used the opportunity presented by the replacement of some of his packaging machinery to further improve the…

Sustainable packaging concept for fish specialities

For around 280 years Bond Seafood B.V, which is based in the Dutch city of Breda, has been inspiring the domestic and European market with its traditional fish specialities. The wide range of classic products is constantly being expanded with the addition of innovative specialities such as "Holland Sushi" and…

Technological leap with the MULTIVAC Centrifuge Feeder

Since it was founded more than 60 years ago, the Ecuadorian food manufacturer, PRONACA, has made it a mission to “feed the people well and promote the sustainable development of the agricultural sector”. The company systematically drives forward the expansion of its production sites and subsidiaries, as well as…

Turkey farm installs packaging line from MULTIVAC

No one knows better than Hayter’s Farm, that a true Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without a perfectly cooked stuffed turkey. For over 70 years the family-run turkey farm, which is located in the town of Dashwood in the Canadian province of Ontario, has been dedicated to the sustainable growth of its business by…

Digitalisation in the food industry

In many business sectors, digitalisation is already well advanced. However, the food processing industry is still in the early stages, although it is clear that digitalisation can make a major contribution to greater efficiency, process reliability, and transparency, as well as higher pack and product quality. The…

Looking back

18 years of MULTIVAC with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers

Full wrap labelling for maximum pack attractiveness at the POS

Full wrap labels, which enclose all four sides of a pack like a banderole, feature a whole range of competitive advantages over other solutions for labelling and marking. In addition to their function as information carriers, full wrap labels are today also an essential design feature for increasing the appeal of packs…

Automated label and print inspection in the food industry

Rising demands in food labelling increase the complexity of information that has to be printed on labels. As the throughput of packaging lines continues to increase, it is no longer possible for the human eye to inspect label print thoroughly. Although present legislation does not yet stipulate the use of visual…

Optimum slicing quality and weight accuracy when producing cheese slices

Optimum slicing quality and weight accuracy when producing cheese slices

Labelling of dairy products

The range of dairy products is very large - it extends from hard cheese, semi-hard sliced cheese or soft cheese through to butter and cream cheese and right up to liquid or creamy products such as milk, whipped cream, and yogurt. In this article you will learn how the labelling process for the different product groups…

Sustainable packaging concepts for sliced cheese

Sustainable packaging concepts for sliced cheese

Use automation to master modern challenges in the food industry

Use automation to master modern challenges in the food industry

“Tradition is always based on innovation”

For more than a century Albert Spiess AG has been committed to this philosophy. In addition to classics such as "Bündnerfleisch" air-dried meat, dry-cured ham and raw sausage specialities, the company's product range also includes pioneering innovations such as "my ENERGY" snacks. The Swiss company skilfully combines…

New concept for direct web printing

At FachPack 2019 MULTIVAC is presenting its new direct web printer, the DP 225, which is perfectly designed for the requirements of the new traysealer generation, both in terms of its mechanical elements and machine control. The direct web printer is highly impressive with its many improvements over previous models -…

New dimension in pack labelling performance

The latest generation of MULTIVAC cross web labellers sets a new benchmark: they offer a high level of output with maximum labelling quality. Their other features are ease of operation, low life cycle costs, high level of versatility, maximum safety and future-proofed.

The best combination of versatility and precision

Thanks to their modular construction, MULTIVAC’s conveyor belt labellers offer maximum flexibility for labelling a wide range of pack shapes, such as for example plastic pots, tin cans, folding cartons, tubular pouches, thermoformed packs and trays. They can also be used for labelling a wide range of printed products.

Packing sustainably

By using different material and packaging concepts, manufacturers can make an important contribution to meeting the current market demands with regard to sustainable packaging solutions.

“Companies can master a wide range of products with the highly flexible solutions from TVI.”

Interview with Alois Allgaier, CEO of TVI Entwicklung und Produktion GmbH in Irschenberg

"The entry into thermoforming packing was an important, strategic step for us."

Knorrevången Slakt AB in the Swedish town of Gilmåkra is one of the ten largest slaughtering companies in the country. The slaughtered animals are supplied either whole or in sections to the wholesale trade, but a large part of the fresh meat is also supplied pre-portioned to processing companies. There it is further…

Fresh meat for the chill cabinet packed on site as required

Last year MULTIVAC equipped each of the 43 retail outlets of the Swedish supermarket chain, Bergendahls/City Gross, with a
R 105 MF for packing fresh meat in vacuum skin packs. The compact thermoforming packaging machines support Bergendahls in optimising its internal logistics, and they make a significant…

MULTIVAC Pack Pilot - a new dimension in operating convenience

MULTIVAC Pack Pilot is cloud-based software, which supports operators in setting up the packaging machine to the optimum degree, without a high level of expert knowledge being required.

The new TX 710 traysealer - high-performance, reliable, flexible, and equipped for the future

With its latest new development, the TX 710 traysealer, MULTIVAC is covering a wide spectrum of applications within the food industry. The robust construction of the machine, combined with its intelligent control system, allows the TX 710 to achieve the maximum level of output, reliability, and flexibility.

“At MULTIVAC the philosophy of ideas management is a constituent part of process optimisation”

Mastering the ever increasing complexity of structures and processes, which has resulted from the growth of the MULTIVAC Group, is certainly a great challenge for the organisation, but it also offers many opportunities. However, this does require a structured and well organised system, in which the entire company is…

Beef jerky in attractive aluminium packs

Dried meat is one of the most popular snacks in China. But jerky has now also become one of the top sellers in the USA, and even recently in Germany. The market for the spicy, long-life strips and pieces of beef, duck, and ostrich meat is booming worldwide. The sales figures in the snacks segment are strongly driven by…


The MULTIVAC Group was able to continue its growth course last year and to further develop as a global company. We spoke to Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and Group CEO, about the challenges associated with this growth.

A holistic approach to retail thinking, management, and processes

In Germany food still arrives at the consumer in the classic way via traditional physical retailing. Only one percent of significant market volume is handled online. But the market potential is huge - as are the challenges presented to online retailers, particularly as regards the logistics. We spoke to Dr. Reinhard…

“Better Processing” in top shape

The new Slicer Business Unit continues to develop successfully. MULTIVAC is driving forward the expansion of its product portfolio and the extension of its sites in Wolfertschwenden and Buchenau.

Automatic loading of sausage and meat products into the packaging machine

Today practically every stage in the processing and packing of meat and sausage products can be automated. But different products such as sliced meats, sausages or fresh meat require individual solutions.

Perfect slicing results for fresh meat and processed products

Precise weight control in the portioning and slicing of meat or sausage products is one of the standard requirements in industrialised processing of fresh food.

Different packaging concepts and methods for preserving meat quality

There are different packaging concepts depending on the particular product and the processing stage within the added value chain.

MultiFresh™– a packaging concept which meets all the many requirements of the food industry

MultiFresh™ is a packaging concept for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs which meet the wide range of demands in the market, and which can be produced on both thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. The diversity of the MultiFresh™ film range is unique in the market.

Developed with the customer in mind: the new HMI 3 user interface

With its IPC08 machine control and HMI 3 user interface, MULTIVAC is heralding the start of a new era of operating convenience for packaging machines. The focus of this development was on all machine users and their needs. The innovative concept, together with a new generation of machines, will be presented at…


MULTIVAC is redefining thermoforming packaging with its X-line. Thanks to its seamless digitalisation, comprehensive sensor system and its networking with the MULTIVAC Cloud, the X-line creates a new dimension when it comes to packaging reliability, quality, performance and future-proofing.

Beef attractively packed with MultiFresh™

In China the current meat consumption of 62 kilograms per head annually is around two kilos higher than in Germany. Despite state-sponsored campaigns to reduce meat consumption, this trend is likely to continue due to rising incomes. Consumer behaviour, particularly among the urban population, also shows a growing…

“Quality, reliability, operating convenience, and a fast reaction time.”

TM VELCOM, the Russian meat processing company, uses more than 20 different packaging solutions from MULTIVAC in its operation. We spoke to Tatiana Vasiljeva, Deputy General Director for Supply Chain Management, at the Pawlowskaja Sloboda meat processing factory about the requirements of both the market and the…

“The R 085 has made it possible for us to get into automatic thermoforming packaging.”

Nice Garden Industrial Co. Ltd. has set itself the task of bringing high-quality and healthy products from the farm to the consumer's table. “Food derived from animal sources can in our view only be healthy for the consumer and suitable for consumption, if we pay the greatest attention to quality in the early stages of…

The MultiFresh™ range of machines comprises solutions for every requirement

With its MultiFresh™ range MULTIVAC offers a wide spectrum of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, which meet all customer's requirements in terms of pack size, output and level of automation.

Guido Spix - Director, CTO and COO of MULTIVAC

From packaging machine manufacturer to digital company - MULTIVAC’s innovation strategy

Interview with Guido Spix, Director, CTO and COO

“MULTIVAC is a real partner for us.”

Cater Food mainly processes pork and beef in both premium and bio grades. Since the two existing machines at the Herrup site were barely able to cope with the constantly rising production quantities, the Danish company, which has seen strong growth in recent times, decided to invest in a R 515 thermoforming packaging…

Christian Traumann - Director and CFO of MULTIVAC

“We want to create added value for our customers in every respect.”

Interview with Mr Christian Traumann, Director und CFO

Automation in meat processing offers a wide range of benefits

The food industry is booming. An ever increasing number of fresh and processed food products, snacks, ready meals, and convenience products have to be manufactured and packed. But it has become more difficult to find suitable or qualified staff. There is currently an acute lack of personnel in the meat processing…

Automation solutions for the bakery product industry

The bread and bakery product industry finds itself in a far-reaching transition. Cost pressure, product diversity
in the market, altered consumer habits, and hygiene
regulations require companies not only to adapt their product range but also to optimise their production
processes. One important approach as…

Cheese attractively packed

Vergeer Holland is one of the largest and most innovative cheese processors in the world. The company has grown in recent years into a flourishing business with 550 employees, and today packs around 60 million kilos of cheese per year. The company does not produce cheese, but specializes in maturing, slicing and…

TTO Printer from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

Exchange program for printers

Since January 2018 MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has been offering an exchange program for printers

Focus on packaging diversity

The Turkish fish processor, SASTAS, which is located in the city of Samsun, has invested in a R 245 thermoforming packaging machine. This machine was intended primarily for packing marinated fish fillets in pure sunflower oil.

Halal meat and sausage products in many varieties

Burger patties, pizza toppings, sausage and sausage products as well as tasty snacks and convenience foods are the core business of Fettayleh Foods. Since it was first founded, the Australian family business has developed into a leading supplier of halal food and it now exports its high-quality products all over the…

Koninklijke Vezet places its trust in labelling solutions from MULTIVAC

Fresh food products, together with quality, convenience, and sustainability, are of increasing importance in the everyday lives of consumers. Koninklijke Vezet has developed into a fruit and vegetable specialist, which meets all these requirements. Companies which want to survive in the growing but very challenging…

Maintaining freshness with MAP packs

Japanese consumers prefer fresh, appetising and high-quality food products, which are marketed in attractive packs. The products are generally sold in many different variations and produced in small batch sizes. This means a number of challenges have to be overcome at production sites, such as limited production areas…

New generation of direct web printers: DP 210 + DP 230

Maximum hygiene and user-friendliness

New generation of direct web printers

MultiFresh™ packs with full-wrap labelling increase the attractiveness at the point of sale

With its deep, clear and cold fjords, Norway is a paradise for salmon and salmon farms alike. Best conditions therefore for Seafood Farmers of Norway AS, which was founded in 1986, and its parent company the HOFSETH Group, which processes the freshly caught fish and exports most of it abroad. In order to increase the…

MultiFresh™ Skin Packs on pre-cut Board from MULTIVAC

MultiFresh™ skin packs based on pre-cut board - attractive and recyclable

Cutlets, steaks, roulades, chops, diced, and goulash products - today portioned and attractively packaged fresh meat can be seen everywhere in chill cabinets and pre-pack chest freezers. But now the focus is not only on product protection and pack presentation at the point of sale. Other requirements, such as reduction…

MULTIVAC is expanding its printer portfolio with the addition of a versatile thermal inkjet printer

New printer for use in the medical technology and food industries

Volker Gerloff - CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection in Enger

Part of MULTIVAC for 25 years

Interview with Volker Gerloff, CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection in Enger

Visual Inspection Solution I 410 from MULTIVAC

Reliable product and marking inspection in the high output range

I 410 visual inspection solution

Reliable quality control

Thanks to visual inspection systems, quality control can be automated within the packaging procedure. These systems offer added value, particularly for food-processing businesses, since all the packs in a batch can be checked seamlessly instead of random sampling. Bell Schweiz AG with its headquarters in Basel is…

Hans Joachim Boekstegers - Director and CEO of MULTIVAC

The EU Plastics Strategy – areas of action for MULTIVAC

Interview with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO

MULTIVAC company location at Wolfertschwenden

Under the banner of sustainability

Sustainability and responsible business activity are an integral part of MULTIVAC’s company strategy. The graphics describe the different spheres of activity, which contribute to sustainable development.

Maximum pack attractiveness with Full Wrap labelling

Full wrap labels offer a broad range of competitive advantages in comparison to other labelling solutions. In addition to their function as an information medium, they are increasingly becoming an important design element of retail packs. This way, they help the brand owners to increase the differentiation of the…

PapberBoard by MULTIVAC

Always a step ahead

The reduction of the consumption of packaging and the use of recyclable materials in the production of packaging are currently at the top of the agenda in the packaging industry and among consumers. In the near future, the demand for recyclable packaging in particular will increase significantly. With MULTIVAC…

Megatrends in the food industry

Interview with Stefanie Sabet, Head of the Brussels Office, Federal Association of the German Food Industry (Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Ernährungsindustrie/BVE)

“Company mission statements are a crucial foundation for sustainable company management”

Interview with Christian Traumann, Director and CFO,
MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

High-quality packaging for high-quality meat

La Granda is more than a vision. La Granda is a consortium, which has dedicated itself to revitalizing an old cattle breed from the Piedmont region and allowing traditional rearing methods to be revived. The responsible handling of animals and the careful processing of their high-quality meat brings tasty meat products…

Universal high-performance portioning system from TVI

With its GMS 1600 twincut portioner, TVI will be presenting at Anuga FoodTec 2018 a universal high-performance portioning system, which is characterised by its very high level of portion quality, yield and flexibility. Even at high output, this efficient solution ensures the highest product quality is always achieved…

Slices served fresh at the table

Economical and efficient solutions for the automated packaging of sliced products

The thermoform packaging machines in the R 1xx series now offer a wide variety of options for higher efficiency

The proven thermoform packaging machines in the R 1xx series now offer a wide variety of new equipment options, which make thermoform packaging in small and medium-sized batches even more efficient than before. These include an innovative shaped contour cutter, which makes a major contribution to enabling shaped…

MULTIVAC solutions for secondary packaging – highly efficient and reliable to the end of the line

When it comes to loading packs into boxes or crates, and grouping or converging packs, MULTIVAC offers a wide range of end-of-line solutions, which are very flexible to use and which are individually designed to customer requirements. They can be used to automate quickly and precisely a wide range of tasks for a…

MULTIVAC H 240 roboter

Ten years of MULTIVAC’s Systems Business

Interview with Michael Lang, Vice President of the Systems Business Unit

Turkish specialities for eating at home

Senpilic has been able to successfully position itself in the market as a leading brand with a market share of 14 percent. Founded in 1978 as a small poultry farm, Senpilic operates its business today with 24 breeding stations, two hatchery sites, two feed businesses and two abattoirs, which are equipped with the…

More than just a golden opportunity - food processing in the land of Genghis Khan

Sliced ham packed under modified atmosphere and automatically labelled - at first sight this does not seem unusual. But it is however a success story. This is because it is happening in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. And when it comes to the packaging solution, this is one of the first high-output machines ever…

Poultry products of the highest quality and multiple package variations

Bell & Evans in Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania processes poultry products of the highest quality. The renowned company with a long tradition is not known for compromising when it comes to packing its products. MULTIVAC thermoform packaging machines have been successfully in use at the company for a number of years to…

Portion-packed processed cheese in Taiwan

In August 2016 a complete packaging line, consisting of a R 245
thermoforming packaging machine and a filling system, went into service at Powerred. This packaging solution now enables the company, which has its headquarters in Taiwan, to pack its high-quality cheese spread
hygienically and efficiently in…

Fresh seafood: processed and packed immediately

A coveted location directly by the fishing port of Nanfang-ao in Yilan County, Taiwan. Seafood in its freshest form, creative recipes and the highest quality, as well as technological standards. This is how Cheer Foods, market leader in the domestic fish processing industry, likes to be described. More than 2,000 tons…

Attractive portion packs for Chinese snack specialities

Since 2013 the Hunan Linwu Shunhua Duck Development Co. Ltd, which is located in the Chinese province of Hunan, has been using MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines to pack its range of convenience products made from fish, duck and beef. Until recently, the daily production tasks were carried out by two R 245 and…

Attractive solutions for full-wrap labelling of packs

MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has continually expanded its range of conveyor belt labellers in recent years. The spectrum now includes a wide range of solutions for many different labelling requirements and output categories – from the simple BASELINE conveyor belt labellers to 2-track labelling systems with up to ten…

Everything from one source: From tempering and portioning right through to packing

Since 1 January 2017 TVI Entwicklung und Produktion GmbH in Irschenberg has been part of the MULTIVAC Group. TVI is the leading manufacturer of meat-portioning machines and complete portioning lines. Customers throughout the world benefit from this acquisition, because complete solutions can now be offered from one…

The DNA of Better Packaging & Processing

Interview with Mr Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO, MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

“We want to create added value for our customers with our line expertise.”

Interview with Tom Stachel, Head of Slicer Business Unit

Reliable packaging solution in 24-hour operation

Operating under contract to well-known brand owners, T.H.E.M. packs a wide range of different food and non-food products in 24-hour operation. The US Company has been supported in this since the middle of 2014 with a R 535 thermo-former by MULTIVAC. But MULTIVAC is more than just a machine supplier – the two companies…

“Better Processing” in top shape

Interview with Mr Guido Spix, CTO and COO, MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

Efficient and flexible

The new TTO 06 thermal transfer printer

Faster, more precise and more hygienic

The new DP 230 direct web printer

Industry 4.0 in machine construction - how MULTIVAC is driving digitalisation forward and equipping itself for the future

Interview with Guido Spix, Director and CTO of MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG

Entry-level model with high cycle output

New product: B 325 chamber belt machine

Healthy, fit, beautiful and slim …

WellU is a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetics, food supplements and special food for weight reduction and body shaping. The brand is well known and the quality claims are high. The company was not however satisfied with some of its packaging, particularly for the popular nutritional bars, which are manufactured…

Together towards the Smart Food Factory

CSB-System AG and MULTIVAC are jointly developing solutions for
food production of the future

Attractive labels for ready meals from Belgium

Fresh salads, delicious soups and ready-to-eat meals are packed by Rabbit N.V, a Belgian family business, in a wide range of different trays and formats. But the wide variety was not the only reason why the changeover of the labelling process to a MULTIVAC labeller for edge-wrap labelling was a real challenge – an…

The new G 700 traysealer packs ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products highly efficiently and economically

With the G 700 model, MULTIVAC is expanding its range with the addition of a high-output traysealer for packing ready meals, snacks, vegetables and fresh-cut products of all types. Thanks to the use of innovative gas flushing technology, even delicate products and those with crumbly constituents or those foods, which…

Ever higher, ever further

Chatha Foods Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading meat-processing companies in India. It is not only the appetising products and high level of quality awareness that are impressive, but also the meteoric rise of the company to top class status.

MAP packs for high-quality poultry products

The Polish company SuperDrob S.A. packs fresh poultry products in vacuum and MAP packs on MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. The attractive design and extended shelf life of the new packs have seen the sales figures rise continuously.

The maritime family tradition brings obligations

Fish is always at the centre of things at Gadus, a Polish family company. The fish Are caught sustainably, freshly processed and reliably packed. Four MULTIVAC packaging machines ensure the packaging procedure is very efficient and that there is an attractive product range, which has been significantly expanded thanks…

New pack design and automated processes contribute to growth

With its new product design, its consumer-friendly packaging and its new pack sizes,
Norrmejerier wants to consolidate its position in the cheese market still further. The use of more robots and thermoforming packaging machines, instead of pouch packaging solutions, are just two of the innovations in Norrmejerier’s…

Butchered inline, packed with complete process reliability and marked for full traceability

MULTIVAC is developing an innovative and groundbreaking concept for the automated packing of fresh meat

Variety thanks to automation: sausage products perfectly packaged

The company Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH packs over 20 different types of sausage in 26 different product and format combinations - with just one fully automatic MULTIVAC packaging line.

Smoked salmon attractively packaged

Lions Speciality Foods Ltd processes premium quality salmon, which is cold and hot smoked. The fresh products are packed professionally and attractively on MULTIVAC’s smallest fully automatic traysealer, the T 300.

Fast food, attractively packed

Convenience products are popular worldwide. The right packaging presents these practical food products attractively and extends their shelf life.

Figlmüller: Schnitzel and more

The restaurant company Figlmüller puts its trust in chamber machines from MULTIVAC.

Freshly sliced and appetizingly packaged

This is how Atria’s sliced sausage is presented. Three new R 535 thermoforming packaging machines at Finland’s leading manufacturer of meat products ensure optimum packaging results are achieved and that genuine competitive advantage is gained.

Fresh specialities from the mediterranean

Ceposa AG uses a T 600 for packing fresh antipasti.

Tofu attractively packaged

Thanks to its R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, the family business Saigon Marked can systematically expand its product range and virtually triple the shelf life of its tofu products.

Gluten-Free baked goods

Thermoforming packaging solutions from MULTIVAC offer benefits when packing gluten-free bakery products

From film pouch to thermoformed pack

In 2014 the Société Interprofessionnelle des Bouchers et Charcutiers Abatteurs à Surgères - SIBCAS for short - replaced its chamber machine with a compact R 085 thermoforming packaging machine. The company was able to double its output, and it laid the foundation for further growth.

Modern technology meets long tradition

An American family business packs homemade meat products, sausages and ham on chamber machines and thermoforming packaging machines from MULTIVAC.

Attractive presentation in a stand-up pack

Sliced wafer thin, folded and appetizingly packed: This is how Bel Leerdammer BV presents its sliced cheese products, Leerdammer® Original and Leerdammer® Charactere, at the point of sale.

Cheese rebels rely on a MULTIVAC packaging solution

Thermoforming packaging machine packs 30 different types of hay-milk cheese - as whole and half blocks or as quarters and eighths

Flexibility is the trump card

The Swiss Bell Group employs various packaging technologies to cater flexibly for the wishes of its market partners. In 2014 the company purchased a further traysealer from MULTIVAC.

Fresh product instead of frozen food

By purchasing the R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, the Bulgarian filo pastry manufacturer, UNIBEL, has been able to make the change from frozen to fresh product. The new packs keep the pastry fresh for so long that sudden peaks in demand can be absorbed. it has also been possible to open up new sales markets…

Natural, crunchy and always fresh

R 145 thermoforming packaging machine produces high-quality packs for fine nut mixtures

Tastes every bit as good as it looks

Fresco Foods Inc. packs high-quality ready meals, made from fresh, locally produced products, in exclusive vacuum tray packs. The start-up business uses a MULTIVAC T 300 for its ready meals.

MULTIVAC Conveyor belt labeller L 300

Christian Vlasselaer reports on the successful sales launch of the baseline L 300 labellers in Belgium

The new series of BASELINE L 300 conveyor belt labellers was presented for the first time in Belgium at the EMPACK exhibition in Brussels at the end of September 2014. Five of these labellers had already been sold to Belgian customers by the end of 2014.

Interview with Volker Gerloff - CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

Labelling of products is essential today. It delivers product information, assumes a marketing function with its individual design and ensures authenticity and traceability are maintained.

Interview with Hans Joachim Boekstegers - CEO of MULTIVAC

The world economy is currently being determined by a number of different factors, which all have an impact on a globally operating company like MULTIVAC. In our discussion with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, CEO of MULTIVAC, we asked him for his assessment of the current economic situation.

MULTIVAC Thermoformer R 105 MF

Vacuum skin packs in small batches: Saves resources and ensures process reliability

Thermoforming packaging machine R 105 MultiFresh™

Pack more efficiently

Innovative technology for greater material, energy and process efficiency.

A parisian sidewalk cafe in Missouri

In the Café des Amis, owner Guillaume Hanriot has been preparing dishes very successfully according to the sous-vide method since 2013.

Catering in the high mountain ranges

Compass packs meals for canteens at mines in the Chilean Andes with
chamber machines from MULTIVAC.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

MULTIVAC offers many possibilities for increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of your packaging equipment!

Antipasti packed on a MULTIVAC Traysealer

Appetite for fresh antipasti

Situated in Andenne in Wallonia, the Belgian company IDPAK packs antipasti and other tasty starters for the domestic market.

Calf meat attractively packed with MultiFresh™

Ekro in Apeldoorn in the Dutch province of Gelderland has been operating a large abattoir since 1990, as well as an outstandingly equipped boning operation since 2001.

Enjoyment - slice for slice

The Polish dairy OSM SIERPC offers its high-quality hard cheese in an innovative consumer pack.

Headquarter of the chinese agribusiness company Qingdao Chia Tai Co. Ltd.

Higher value creation using an in-house packaging procedure

The Chinese agribusiness company Qingdao Chia Tai Co. Ltd., which is part of Thailand’s largest agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), recently ordered its very first thermoforming packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

Interview with the star chef Holger Stromberg

For the last six months, holger Stromberg has been working with two MULTIVAC chamber machines, and he reports on his experiences
in this interview.

Out of two make one: Cheese packing with passion

Two years ago, the Dutch cheese producer Rouveen Kaassspecialiteiten replaced two older chamber machines with a high-output chamber belt machine from MULTIVAC.

Perfectly packaged: Sliced cheese from Biraghi

MULTIVAC Italia provides a packaging line for triangular-shaped cheese packs

Quick cooking, simple handling and a high- quality, tasty product - convenience solutions are popular with many consumers.

We spoke to Lilly Schmidt, the culinary expert at MULTIVAC, about Mylar® COOK, a packaging technology that was specially developed for the cooking of food at high temperatures.

MultiFresh™ – Complete solution for perfect vacuum skin packs

MULTIVAC offers solutions from one source for producing vacuum skin packs - these include both the packaging machines and the films.

Christian Traumann - CFO of MULTIVAC

Interview with Christian Traumann - CFO of MULTIVAC

Christian Traumann, CFO of MULTIVAC, was elected in the middle of February as Chairman of the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within the VDMA (German Engineering Federation).