The best combination of versatility and precision

Thanks to their modular construction, MULTIVAC’s conveyor belt labellers offer maximum flexibility for labelling a wide range of pack shapes, such as for example plastic pots, tin cans, folding cartons, tubular pouches, thermoformed packs and trays. They can also be used for labelling a wide range of printed products.

Precise labelling of cylindrical containers

The L 320 conveyor belt labeller was developed for rapid and precise labelling of round or oval plastic bottles and pots or glass jars in a wide range of sectors.

The range of applications extends from the food sector to the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and right through to the chemical industry.

Since the labeller is constructed of standard modular elements, it can be perfectly designed for the requirements of the particular sector. It can, for example, meet the requirements of GMP design, or alternatively be used in particularly hygiene-sensitive areas, without any specific modifications being necessary.

The model is also very versatile when it comes to label positioning. Labels can be positioned on all sides, as well as over the pack edges or as wrap-around labels. The application of sealing labels is also possible. In addition to the label dispensers, which are based on servo technology, the units for the precise spacing, guiding, and aligning of the products ensure maximum labelling accuracy is always achieved even at high speeds.

Thanks to a minimum of format parts, which can be changed very quickly, the L 320 can be converted to different products within a short period of time and without any additional tools.

Sealing folded paper products automatically

The L 350 closure labeller is available for sealing folded paper products. This labeller is used primarily in the paper processing and printing industries, and it is used to seal the open edges of pack leaflets, outserts, and mailshots or so-called self-mailers. It can be used very flexibly with all standard folding machines and a wide range of printed products - and it is positioned directly at the folding machine.

The central height adjustment of the frame and the narrow infeed area provide the greatest possible convenience when operating. It is also very simple to set different paper thicknesses or to convert to alternative paper formats and label sizes. Dispensing edges, which can be changed very easily, and format plates with defined engaging positions ensure set-up times are short and the labeller has a high level of availability.

The L 350 is also exceptionally versatile, when it comes to the positioning of the label. Depending on the task required, one or two labels can be applied precisely to the trailing edge of the product, or alternatively one label on the leading edge and one on the trailing edge. A high level of positioning accuracy is achieved through label dispensers and press-on units with servo drive.