New concept for direct web printing

At FachPack 2019 MULTIVAC is presenting its new direct web printer, the DP 225, which is perfectly designed for the requirements of the new traysealer generation, both in terms of its mechanical elements and machine control.

The direct web printer is highly impressive with its many improvements over previous models - these include in particular the increase in printing speed even at low ambient temperatures. The seamless integration of its operation in the traysealer's HMI guarantees not only the highest level of efficiency, but also the maximum operating and process reliability.

Due mainly to the large print areas, which can be created with this technology, thermal transfer printing is currently one of the most important printing methods in the food industry. Another benefit is the high level of permanence of the print image - this is resistant to mechanical, chemical, and physical effects, and it remains perfectly legible for the entire lifespan of the product. And last but not least, the high print quality that can be achievedwith thermal transfer printing also contributes to product differentiation at the point of sale.

Where food products such as meat, cheese, and sausage are being processed and packed, there are generally low ambient temperatures. In the case of traditional thermal transfer printers, the optimum print quality can only be achieved at low printing speeds in such a production environment.