High level of flexibility is impressive

Prince Médical uses MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines


Since 1993, Prince Médical has been producing and selling disposable medical instruments and devices. These instruments are used across a host of industries, including gynaecology, gastroenterology and urology. There are several key factors when packaging these items, including very strict hygiene levels and maximum flexibility. These are two criteria which MULTIVAc is capable of fulfilling completely.

The most important benefits of the Prince Médical products are their faultless quality, very competitive prices and a service which meets the needs of customers. Prince Médical is certified in accordance with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 and it also has a CE marking. The family business has two production sites, one in France and one in Tunisia. Production of the medical devices in France is carried out in cleanrooms with overpressure in accordance with ISO 7 and ISO 8, in which the working and hygiene conditions are very tightly controlled, allowing the highest level of safety to be guaranteed to patients.

Prince Médical manufactures all the plastic parts itself for its medical devices on 14 presses and five extruders before these devices are packed and sterilised. This complete control of the manufacturing processes enables all the critical stages of the production cycle of the various products to be monitored. The company has its sales channels in France, Germany and the USA. All the instruments and devices comply therefore - depending on the country of destination - with the relevant European and/or American regulations and standards.

R 145 thermoforming packaging machine

Cut-off length (mm)           < 400
Forming depth (mm)         < 110
Output (cycles/min)           < 20
Hygiene standard              Clean Design™

Flexibility of the packaging machine is impressive

Prince Médical has three thermoforming packaging machines for packing its products, two of these machines are from MULTIVAC. As far back as 1996, the company invested in a MULTIVAC M 860, which is still running faultlessly today.

In 2011, the company purchased a R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, equipped with a MR295 direct web printer for printing the film immediately before the sealing operation. Among the crucial factors for Prince Médical in deciding to purchase a further MULTIVAC machine were MULTIVAC’s outstanding customer service, its ability to react rapidly and the high level of flexibility of the packaging machines. The die change on the thermoforming packaging machines is very user-friendly and can be performed quickly. This is particularly important since many different pack formats have to be produced. The validation of the procedures is carried out internally for reasons of expediency, and it is monitored by various recognized organisations such as GEMEDE. The R 145 was validated in collaboration with MULTIVAC. This new machine generation, designed specially to meet the requirements of the medical sector and pharmaceutical industry, ensures that packs are produced in compliance with GMP standards. Thanks to its design and construction, there is a large reduction in the number of particles which are emitted by the machine into the environment. The machine also has a central discharge point which collects the exhausted compressed air and feeds it out of the room.

Local after-sales service for rapid service response

The packaged products are all intended for practising medical personnel who wear gloves and perform rapid hand movements. The packs must therefore be absolutely secure and yet at the same time easy to open. Jean-Marc Prince and Hervé Briard consider these essential prerequisites to be met in full with MULTIVAC machines. “The machine stops whenever there is a problem with the sealing pressure or sealing temperature. Every product is subjected to a visual quality control. In addition to this, the seal seam quality of the packs is checked on a random test basis with a methylene blue test”, they both add.

The machine is also very user-friendly: the HMI 2.0 user interface provides intuitive operation, graphic user guides and user identification. The company directors of Prince Médical also feel reassured in their choice of MULTIVAC by the fact that they have access to the same local MULTIVAC after-sales service in both France and Tunisia.

The fruitful partnership between MULTIVAC and Prince Médical proves to be of great benefit to the quality of the products and the safety of patients - both are values that have the highest priority for Prince Médical.

MR295 direct web printer

Printing of                            film, paper
Film width (mm)                  320 - 720
Printing resolution (dpi)     300
Printing process                 Thermal transfer, hot foil printing