„The machines are very EASY to operate and run reliably.“ 

Christian Vlasselaer, Managing Director of MULTIVAC Belgium, reports on the successful sales launch of the BASELINE L 300 labellers in Belgium.

The new series of BASELINE L 300 conveyor belt labellers was presented for the first time in Belgium at the EMPACK exhibition in Brussels at the end of September 2014. Five of these labellers had already been sold to Belgian customers by the end of 2014.

What makes this series so attractive?

Christian Vlasselaer: The BASELINE L 300 offers an outstandingly good price-performance ratio and is very simple to handle. Most of the applications consist of applying a label to the top or bottom of a flat pack. Customers were looking for a simple, cost-effective and yet very reliable labelling machine. We are able to fulfil all these requirements with the BASELINE L 300. The attractive price of the machine was an additional argument for some of our customers to invest in a further flexible labelling solution.


In which sectors were the labellers supplied and which products are being labelled?

Vlasselaer: The machines were installed at existing customers in the food sector. Two of the labellers are in use at a producer of sliced meats in thermoformed packs, while another one is labelling ready meals. Another customer has the BASELINE L 300 standing behind a T 700 traysealer for the packing of snack products. We have also installed another labeller as a test unit behind a traysealer, and this applies labels with different sauce varieties to the trays. Thanks to the hygienic design and the stainless steel floor stand, the units are ideally suited for the food sector.

BASELINE L 300 - Entry-level series with short delivery times

Label dispensers must meet many different requirements: They need to work quickly and accurately, as well as being simple to operate. They must also be capable of being installed in a space-saving way, and capable of being integrated into a variety of machine control environments. Cost-effective solutions with a good price-performance ratio should be capable of being adapted to all tasks, as well as feature the ability to be utilized in different sectors and systems without significant additional costs being incurred.

The new generation of label dispensers from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection can meet these requirements. Their modular construction allows them to be perfectly adapted to the widest range of labelling tasks. Since they are available in different versions and performance ranges, they offer particularly cost-effective solutions with an optimum price-performance ratio.

The BASELINE L 300 series comprises entry-level models in the low- to medium-output range for simple labelling tasks from above, below or over an edge. They are operated using the MC 08 control terminal, which is easily accessible and simple to operate. The transport speed is a maximum of 40 m/min. The belt frame and robust floor stand are made of stainless steel. The BASELINE L 300 is designed in such a way that it manages with a small number of options to cover all the common labelling tasks. The reduction in the number of available versions enables configurations to be produced in a very short period of time, which in turn ensures short delivery times. This means that the BASELINE L 300 is a particularly cost-effective solution for standard labelling tasks.

The BASELINE L 300 labellers are specially designed for labelling tasks in the simple to medium range. Were the equipment options sufficient for the performance features required by the customers?

Vlasselaer: The BASELINE L 300 is available in three pre-configured versions, namely one with a top label dispenser and one with a bottom label dispenser as well - and also one that labels both sides. We have predominantly sold labellers for top and bottom labelling, allowing customers the luxury of remaining very flexible. The required speeds were met in every case. The existing options even enabled us to apply additional print to the label, e.g. with a best-before date.


With the new series there are also models available which are extremely space-saving with a conveyor belt length from 625 mm for one label dispenser, or from 1250 mm for two label dispensers. Did space requirements play a role in the buying decision?

Vlasselaer: Space is always an issue for our customers. In the case of these projects that we implemented, this was actually not the main consideration, but I am convinced that this aspect will play a role in future projects.


The BASELINE L 300 is operated via the proven MULTIVAC MC 08 control terminal. Were the customers already familiar with this control terminal through other MULTIVAC machines?

Vlasselaer: Apart from one new customer, all the customers already had MULTIVAC machines in use, but none of these customers had the MC 08 control terminal. Even with the lack of the control terminal, there were no problems with operation, since the handling is really very simple and intuitive.


Thanks to the reduction in the number of available versions, BASELINE L 300 labellers can be configured quickly and easily, and this means that they can also be delivered very quickly. How important was this factor in the orders?

Vlasselaer: This was certainly an important aspect since we were able to deliver some units at short notice for the Christmas business. Labellers that are easy to operate are generally very popular with customers. The fewer keys that have to be pressed, the better it is. On the other hand, this simple version also helps us to market the wide variety of conveyor belt labellers with HMI 2.0. By contrasting the two series, one can show the different functions very well, and ultimately these are also reflected in the price.


What has been your experience to date with the new BASELINE L 300 series?

Vlasselaer: We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers. They have been explained the machines are very easy to operate and run reliably.


What expectations do you have for 2015?

Vlasselaer: We are confident that, after the good start for the BASELINE L 300 last year, 2015 will continue to be equally successful.