Entry-level model with high cycle output

New product: B 325 chamber belt machine

With the B 325 MULTIVAC has expanded its portfolio of chamber belt machines to include an economical entry-level model with a high cycle output. The new machine is aimed particularly at industrial-scale packers in the food sector, who have decided to invest in an automated chamber belt machine for the first time. The B 325 will be shown at IFFA 2016.

The new machine combines all the benefits of MULTIVAC’s chamber belt machine technology in one space-saving machine concept, and with its cycle output of up to three cycles per minute it is among the fastest machines in its class. With a chamber size of 1,000 x 630 x 180 mm (W x D x H), it is suitable for packing fresh meat, sausage and ham products, as well as cheese. The chamber is equipped at the front and back with two plug-in sealing bars that are each 1,000 mm long, and the machine can be loaded on both sides. As an option, the model is available with a chamber height of 250 mm for particularly high products.

The B 325 is equipped as standard with double-seam sealing on the top. Alternatively the machine can be equipped with single-seam sealing from top and bottom for packing in aluminium pouches or particularly thick film pouches. The plug-in sealing bars can be removed without tools for easy servicing. The B 325 can also be equipped with a perforator, enabling the excess length of film pouch to be detached manually. Alternatively the machine is available with a cutting unit, which automatically cuts off the pouch neck and sucks it away.


Line-compatible and designed for optimum hygiene

Its hygienic design is a feature of the B 325, which is built to the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™. The elevated cleaning position of the chamber lid makes access to the chamber easier for cleaning and servicing. The B 325 fulfils the requirements of the IP65 protection class and can be expanded into a shrink packaging line with MULTIVAC shrinking and drying units. The B 325 is capable of being equipped with various pump combinations depending on the desired output. In addition to this, it also offers equipment options such as anti-roll bars on the transport conveyor for packing round products.

Double-seam sever sealing

The sealing bar is equipped with a 3 mm wide heating band and a separate severing wire. This enables the excess length of the film pouch to be torn off easily after sealing.

Single-seam sealing on top and bottom

The simultaneous heat effect from top and bottom enables thick or multi-layer film pouches (e.g. aluminium pouches) to be sealed with a permanent seal.