Sterile packaging takes centre stage

For more than 15 years, Catgut GmbH has relied on MULTIVAC’s technology for the packaging of its surgical suture materials.

Surgical suture material must not only be packed in a sterile condition, it also has to be capable of being removed very easily from the pack during an operation. A demanding challenge for the packaging solution.

Catgut GmbH has been producing absorbable and non-absorbable suture materials in a wide range of forms for over 100 years. Suture sets for specific applications and operations are also manufactured on request. These indication-related sets enable time to be saved during operations and minimise discarding of surplus suture material. The company’s product range also comprises special products such as skin staplers, skin adhesives, surgical meshes, vascular loops, cervix sets, hemostyptics, decompression probes for the bowel or intestines, and supporting sutures.

Catgut GmbH delivers its products in Germany within 24 hours, which means that the storage costs in the hospitals can be minimised. The company also places high demands on the quality of the packaging for its suture materials: in order for the sterility of the suture material to be guaranteed, the seal seams of the packs must be tight and unimpaired. At the same time, the packaging must ensure that the thread holder can be removed easily and safely, allowing it to be transferred by the operating room staff without contamination.

In order to guarantee these quality requirements, Catgut GmbH relies on a MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine. This was installed in 1997, when Catgut GmbH
moved into a Class C cleanroom, and it has been used successfully since. Among the crucial factors in purchasing this R 5200 machine were MULTIVAC’s ability to react rapidly and the high level of flexibility of the packaging machine. Today the product portfolio of Catgut GmbH comprises thousands of articles, which have to be produced quickly and flexibly. The MULTIVAC packaging solution has been supporting Catgut GmbH for more than 15 years in meeting the requirements of its customers.

Catgut GmbH is a manufacturer of the most modern surgical suture materials and operates on a worldwide basis. The family company produces suture materials of the highest quality, which are manufactured exclusively at its Markneukirchen site in Germany. The company also owns TNI Chirurgisches Nadelwerk GmbH in Ichtershausen, which produces high-quality surgical needles and atraumatic needles.