Did you know in fact, that MULTIVAC offers you many possibilities for increasing the effectiveness of your packaging equipment?

The reduction of machine downtime and the increase in throughput are two important control variables for increasing the efficiency of packaging procedures. The scope for action extends much further than this, however - overall equipment effectiveness is the name of the magic formula.

OEE (or Overall Equipment Effectiveness) has become well established in many branches of industry as a key indicator for measuring the added value of a machine or a complete line system. OEE is made up of the three factors of availability, output and quality. Monitoring the Overall Equipment Effectiveness is an efficient instrument for systematically detecting the potential for optimisation. Often the capacity of a machine is not fully utilised. Unplanned delays and downtime, long conversion and cleaning times or the production of faulty product are just some of the causes. Thanks to its sophisticated packaging machines and their intelligent process and die technology, MULTIVAC uses an integrated approach to support its customers in optimising the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of their installed packaging solutions.

Fact: Whoever wants to increase their Overall Equipment Effectiveness needs, above all, reliable information from the process. An established constituent part of
MULTIVAC’s packaging machines is therefore effective production data acquisition in the machine control. This collects all the relevant parameters over a period of 90 days and, having saved these, it makes them available to the user at the press of a button in the form of simple graphics, lists or a PDF. Production data acquisition gives a quick view of utilisation times, as well as measuring the actual loading and analysing in detail all faults and sources of lost production.

The user-friendly application is structured in the four menu items of Machine effectiveness, Message overview, Reports and Settings. It logs machine status, machine modes and sub-modes, faults, warnings, notices, recipes, packs, downtime reasons and synchronisations. By using the filters for time period, recipes and shifts, the user can narrow down the large amount of data to exactly those values which he wants to view and compare.

In the case of the category for machine effectiveness, the machine history is depicted completely and clearly in the form of both lists and diagrams. The so-called “availability factor” measures production that is lost due to unplanned machine downtime. The availability factor is calculated from the actual and planned production history, i.e. the time of main utilisation and the planned occupancy time. The “output factor” relates to the running time of the machine and gives complete transparency to any loss of production due to a discrepancy between actual and planned production numbers or to small breakdowns and no-load operation. It is the result from the actual production history and the planned production output.

It is also of interest when calculating the overall equipment effectiveness to see how many packs are produced with a certain recipe. The “quality factor” is used to determine the number of packs which do not meet the quality requirements, as well as  the number of packs that must be separated out. It shows the ratio of good packs to reject packs.

It is absolutely essential for optimising overall equipment effectiveness to have full knowledge of faults, duration of downtime and reasons for downtime. MULTIVAC’s production data acquisition provides a detailed message overview which also includes notices and warnings.

All the data is saved in a database and transferred to the HMI. The HMI 2.0 provides a convenient user interface with intuitive operator guidance via a large LCD touch panel by which all the processes in the automatic packaging operation can be precisely controlled and monitored. It can be operated without problems, even by unskilled personnel. This means process reliability increases significantly since downtime due to incorrect operation is a thing of the past, as is the lack of knowledge about the possibilities offered by the packaging machine.

Simply pack better.

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