The MultiFresh™ range of machines comprises solutions for every requirement

With its MultiFresh™ range MULTIVAC offers a wide spectrum of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, which meet all customer's requirements in terms of pack size, output and level of automation.

Vacuum skin packs reflect the current trend. Food manufacturers benefit from the wide range of possible applications - and consumers also appreciate the extended shelf life of the products, as well as the high level of pack security, product safety and attractive pack appearance.

As partner to the food industry and leader in technology and innovation, MULTIVAC has used its many years of experience in vacuum skin packs to develop a wide range of MultiFresh™ packaging machines for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs. These meet all the market requirements in terms of pack size, output and level of automation, and they are designed for packing a wide range of products with different product protrusion heights.

MultiFresh™ packaging materials, which are specially developed for this process, are used on these machines. Thanks to the unique interaction of machine and packaging material, vacuum skin packs of groundbreaking quality and perfection are produced.


The standard range includes the R 105 MF, R 175 MF, R 275 MF and R 575 MF thermoforming packaging machines, as well as the high-end R 575 MF PRO machine for packing those products, which have a high product protrusion. In the traysealer sector there are the T 200 and T 250 semi-automatic traysealers, as well as the T 300, T 600, T 700, T 800 and T 850 fully automatic traysealers. Thanks to the simple die change, all the machines can quickly be converted for different pack sizes and shapes. They can also be equipped with suitable systems or modules for upstream and downstream processing of the packs, so that the packaging procedure can be designed as efficiently as possible.

When it comes to packing sliced products with a maximum height of 10 mm, MULTIVAC can also offer with MultiSkin™ a simple vacuum skin system, which is highly cost-effective and can be produced on the R 105, R 126, R 145, R 245 and R 535 thermoforming packaging machines. In addition to this, the MultiSkin™ range also includes the R 265 and R 565 thermoforming packaging machines for product protrusion heights of maximum 20 mm, such as for example products like bacon slices.

Thermoforming packaging machines

The comprehensive range of MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machines covers the widest possible requirements in terms of performance and output, and it is unique in the market for its scope and diversity. The machines, which were specially developed for this process, have all the benefits of MULTIVAC's packaging technology. They use lower web and upper web from a roll of material. The pack cavities are thermoformed and then filled either manually or automatically by means of suitable handling modules, after which the packs are sealed under vacuum over their entire surface in the MultiFresh™ sealing die. Cutting devices provide the pack with the desired contour.

All MultiFresh™ thermoforming packaging machines are equipped with a chain guide and heating system for the upper web. Thanks to the integrated upper web chain guidance, the film remains permanently under tension across the film running direction. This ensures that the film is guided firmly into the sealing station, so that the film is draped and sealed without creases, while it is in a highly plasticised state. The procedure ensures that there is a high level of process reliability, and it also delivers excellent pack quality irrespective of the machine speed. The upper web heating enables the film to be heated evenly, which ensures that the skinning process is consistent, and this in turn provides a high level of pack quality.


The R 105 MF entry-level model

This compact machine model is an economic solution for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs from flexible or rigid films in small and medium-sized batches. The R 105 MF has the same technical equipment as the larger machine models, and it therefore makes it possible for even manual-scale operations or smaller companies to launch into this packaging technology. Thanks to its compact and modular construction, as well as its wide range of equipment options, it can be designed individually to the customer's particular requirements.

The R 105 MF also has a high level of flexibility in terms of pack shapes - the range extends from right-angled pack shapes and basic formats right up to pack cavities, which can be freely defined. The machine can run lower webs with a thickness of up to 350 µm and film widths of 420 mm. Another feature of this model is its simple and reliable operation.


R 575 MF – High output with maximum flexibility

The R 575 MF is MULTIVAC's largest vacuum skin machine, which can be configured for packing a wide range of products in large batches. This thermoforming packaging machine is unique in the market in being able to offer customised design as regards packaging materials, pack quality, output, flexibility, automation and line integration. It can run a wide range of packaging materials highly efficiently in film widths of up to 620 mm. It is also possible to have special widths between 220 mm and 620 mm. The maximum forming depth is 100 mm. The chain guide system on both sides ensures that the upper and lower webs are held firmly under tension in the machine.

The R 575 MF PRO was designed specially to produce packs with a product protrusion of up to 120 mm. The basic model is equipped in this case with an additional upper web forming station. This forms the upper web before it is transported into the sealing die. The thermoformed film is heated once again in the dome of the sealing die, before being draped over the product. This procedure ensures, that the flow characteristics of the film are optimised a second time, and this enables the film to be distributed evenly over very high products, preventing the film from tearing or forming creases. The elasticity of the film also ensures optimum sealing of the upper and lower webs, thereby providing maximum pack security.


When it comes to producing MultiFresh™ packs on traysealers, MULTIVAC can offer a comprehensive range of semi-automatic and fully automatic models. All conventional trays from a wide range of materials can be used on the machines. It is also possible to run pre-cut cardboard sheets or erected board trays. The filling of the trays is performed either manually or automatically. As with the thermoforming packaging machines, the traysealers are also designed in the MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, which means that they can be easily wet cleaned completely, as is required in the food industry.


The T 800 high-output traysealer

The T 800 model, which can be scaled as required, was developed for packing products in large batches, and it provides efficient packaging output, while at the same time ensuring gentle tray handling. It can run a wide range of trays with a product protrusion of up to 100 mm, and these offer a particularly attractive appearance. Depending on the tray size, the T 800 can be designed as single-track or two-track, and it can easily be integrated into automated packaging lines. The machine has energy-efficient drive systems, and MULTIVAC's proven sealing technology ensures that the packaging materials are always sealed reliably and securely. This is achieved by a combination of high sealing pressure and sealing temperatures, which can be adjusted precisely. A servo-controlled gripper system loads and unloads the sealing station. Thanks to its IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, the operation of the T 800 is particularly user-friendly.

In order to make the appearance of the skin packs even more attractive, the T 800 has a very precise cutting process for outside cut and inside cut. This can be used not only for materials based on paper fibre, but also for conventional plastic trays such as those made of APET for example. The maximum output for MultiFresh™ applications is eight cycles per minute.

With the inside cut system, the cutting line for the upper web runs inside the tray contour, so that there is no protruding film around the pack. This enables a particularly attractive pack appearance to be achieved. In addition to this, skin trays with a euro slot can also be used, so that the tray can be presented as a hanging pack at the point of sale. The inside cut system offers the possibility of cutting out the film in the area of the euro slot. Thanks to the patented cutting system, it is also possible with inside cut to have packs, which are partially cut outside the tray contour. This means that any well-known design of skin tray can be used for the particularly attractive appearance of inside cut, while at the same time having an opening aid outside the pack contour.


The T 800 – also suitable for packs with high product protrusion

The MultiFresh™ PRO die concept enables this traysealer to produce vacuum skin packs for pressure-sensitive food products or for those with a product protrusion of up to 100 mm.

All the stages that are necessary for the process, such as the heating of the skin film, take place within the die. This can easily be retrofitted to existing machines. The controlled process ensures that a high level of pack quality and output is achieved. Only the die and grippers have to be changed to carry out the format change, which means that machine downtime is reduced to a minimum. This also means that other packs can be produced on the machine without additional conversion work.


Fully automatic T 300 for small and medium-sized batches

In addition to the various high-output models, the MULTIVAC range also includes compact machines for smaller-scale processors or for those companies, which only pack small to medium-sized batches and therefore require a high level of flexibility. The space-saving T 300 for example is particularly suitable for packing a wide range of products very efficiently in a small amount of space. This entry-level model can be designed as multi-track and combined with various discharge systems. Thanks to the simple die change, the machine can quickly be converted for different pack sizes and shapes. Electric drive systems for the tray transport, lifting unit and film trim winder ensure that it has an energy-efficient method of operation. Thanks to the IPC06 machine control with touchscreen, its operation is very user-friendly, and even inexperienced operators can master it easily.