With its latest new development, the TX 710 traysealer, MULTIVAC is covering a wide spectrum of applications within the food industry. The robust construction of the machine, combined with its intelligent control system, allows the TX 710 to achieve the maximum level of output, reliability, and flexibility. The TX 710 also offers the opportunity of access to the MULTIVAC Smart Services, allowing machine efficiency to be increased still further. With this new development MULTIVAC is systematically expanding its range within the new X-line machine generation, and it is a groundbreaking development in the market.

Maximum output

The high output of the TX 710 is a result of the perfect interaction between intelligent control and robust, precise mechanical systems. The traysealer has also been designed to be as space-saving as possible, so the optimum use of production space is achieved. In the case of air packs, a cycle output of up to 25 cycles per minute can be achieved. Even where packs with modified atmosphere are being run, the TX 710 still delivers an outstanding cycle output of up to 18 cycles per minute. In the case of MultiFresh™ packs, the intelligent design and control of the machine produces an output of 10 cycles per minute, while providing exceptional visual appearance for the pack and product. The machine's comprehensive sensor system is also crucial for the rapid and precise process sequences with MAP and MultiFresh™ applications. One of the many functions of the Multi Sensor Control is to determine the switching times of the various control circuits and compensate for these where required by triggering early starts. The Flow Manager function monitors the powerful servo drives and is able to overlay consecutive movements with great precision and process reliability. This ensures the maximum cycle output and highest possible level of operating stability are always achieved.

Consistent reliability

The Flow Manager function also optimises the operating stability of the TX 710. This ensures the time sequences for the infeed and outfeed of the packs are automatically synchronised with each other and with the overall packaging procedure. This creates a dynamic process, which is very gentle on the product and provides an extremely even product flow. The Flow Manager reacts automatically and adjusts the product flow, if the machine deviates from a target value, such as longer vacuum times. Vacuum times, which are too long, or a drop in the sealing pressure are automatically detected by the Multi Sensor Control. This transmits the information to the HMI and stops the whole process if necessary, allowing a consistently high pack quality to always be maintained.

The new die concept, X-tools, is a further guarantee of a consistently high pack quality. This system distributes the sealing forces very evenly on every tray, and this in turn ensures a uniform and reliable packaging result is always achieved. The die concept also provides the operator with easy access to the die. The ready opportunity of being able to thoroughly inspect and clean the vacuum and gas flushing channels has a very positive effect on process reliability and product safety.

When the dies are being changed, RFID technology assists in smoothing the process, so rapid availability of the TX 710 is always assured. The machine control automatically checks whether the individual format parts have been installed correctly, or whether the right recipe has been selected. If the incorrect format parts are installed, or a recipe is selected, which does not match the die, the operator receives the appropriate notice on the HMI. For those customers who require the maximum flexibility with different formats, this feature significantly increases operating reliability and therefore machine availability.

The Multi-Touch machine control on the TX 710 with its new HMI 3 user interface makes a major contribution to the machine's outstanding user communication. Features such as animations, pre-settings, and a dashboard with easy access and overview pages give targeted support to the operator.

These and other features of the TX 710 provide a major contribution to consistent pack quality and make it a reliable link in the production line.


Maximum flexibility

The modular construction of the TX 710 also contributes to its high level of machine availability. The frequent format changes, typical of traysealers, can be carried out in less than five minutes. Thanks to the associated racking and preheating systems, the die can be preheated to the required production temperature, so that after the format change the TX 710 is immediately available for production of the next product. Since all the relevant functions are depicted in the die of the TX 710, the operator can change between various pack shapes or different applications with minimal effort. The changeover from an air pack to a MultiFresh™ pack can be carried out in a very short period of time.

Depending on the product, tray shape, and production process, the TX 710 can be equipped with various infeed systems for optimum design of the overall line. If the requirements change, the TX 710 can subsequently be modified in a very flexible way.

Since the design is so versatile, the spectrum of products that can be run ranges from fruit and vegetables through to meat, sausage, fish, poultry, and dairy products and right up to ready meals of all types.


It is not only its modular design, which makes the TX 710 perfect for the challenges of tomorrow. Its sensor system and servo technology, as well as its intelligent dies and optional connection to the MULTIVAC Cloud, offer a wide range of new possibilities.

MULTIVAC's Smart Services are also available for the TX 710, and these contribute significantly to increased machine efficiency and availability. Smart Services include predictive maintenance and analysis of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), as well as a special function, the Machine Event Analyzer. OEE analysis is able to portray the output, availability, and production quality of interconnected machines on a progressive time basis. This overview creates transparency and highlights possible areas for optimising machine performance. Any faults or messages that arise are evaluated by the Machine Event Analyzer, which identifies the reasons for machine stoppages. This information enables the most frequent downtime reasons to be addressed in a targeted way, allowing the production flow to be improved significantly in a short period of time.

If the TX 710 is connected to MULTIVAC Pack Pilot, it provides assistance when setting the machine parameters, ensuring good pack results are achieved from the very start of production.

MULTIVAC customers can decide immediately or later on the various, optional service packages that are available. The existing dies on the machine can in any case be used with all the service packages.

The versatile TX 710 will be presented to the public for the first time at IFFA 2019 in Frankfurt. The traysealer at the trade fair will be equipped with a die for producing MAP packs. The presentation will also include the functions of MULTIVAC Pack Pilot and other features designed to aid machine performance, as well as demonstrating the high output and flexibility of the TX 710.