Vacuum skin packs in small batches: saves resources and ensures process reliability

Thermoforming packaging machine R 105 MultiFresh™

The demand for vacuum skin packs has remained at a consistently high level for many years. This is no surprise as this pack format reliably protects products and allows them to be presented attractively at the point of sale. Manufacturing these packs requires a special machine that places the upper web around the packaged goods like a second skin, without any tension, ensuring the retention of the products natural appearance. The full surface of the upper web is sealed to the lower web, ensuring no liquid can escape from the product. The packaged food is held in place in the pack, allowing it to be presented upright, hanging, or placed flat.


Product innovations: R 105 compact model as a MultiFresh™ version

MULTIVAC can boast many years of experience in the vacuum skin technology area and offers a wide range of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers specially developed for this form of packaging. The latest member of the MultiFresh™ product family is the R 105 MF compact thermoforming packaging machine, which is able to process lower webs up to 350 µm thick. The R 105 MF is an economical solution for the production of high-quality packs. The entry-level model features exactly the same technical equipment as the large machine models and therefore makes it possible for small-scale manufacturers to start using vacuum skin packs. The machine is equipped with an upper web chain guide and an upper web heating. The integrated upper web chain guide guarantees the upper web is kept stable when being guided to the sealing station. The film is heated up again, before being placed around the packaged goods and being sealed to the lower web over its full surface.


Complete skin film product range

An extensive range of skin film products are available for MultiFresh™, which MULTIVAC has made suitable for materials made by leading film manufacturers. The MultiFresh™ range of upper web products has been designed for a variety of product shapes and product heights, and is available in four standard thicknesses (75, 100, 125 and 150 µm). The upper webs feature outstanding mechanical properties, ensuring they are also suitable for substitution with thicker materials without compromising quality. The MultiFresh™ range of lower web products is comprised of APET and PS composites and covers a wide spectrum in terms of its mechanical and barrier properties, along with different peel systems.


The R 105 MF is the latest addition to the MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machine portfolio, and is a compact model designed for the production of vacuum skin packs in small and medium scale batches.

The machine has been equipped with an upper web chain guide and an upper web heating for this purpose.