MultiFresh™– a packaging concept which meets all the many requirements of the food industry

MultiFresh™ is a packaging concept for producing high-quality vacuum skin packs which meet the wide range of demands in the market, and which can be produced on both thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. The diversity of the MultiFresh™ film range is unique in the market.

Retail packaging

There is hardly a topic, which concerns food producers and retailers more at the moment than the EU Plastics Strategy and the new packaging legislation, which came into force on 1 January 2019.

The MultiFresh™ range of machines comprises solutions for every requirement

With its MultiFresh™ range MULTIVAC offers a wide spectrum of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers, which meet all customer's requirements in terms of pack size, output and level of automation.

A large plus for patient safety

It has been on the market for about a year - the T 050 traysealer, the only solution in the market that can pack solid and liquid medication at the same time in blisters. This traysealer, developed in close cooperation between MULTIVAC, Medinoxx, a film supplier and a plastic injection moulding specialist, ensures a…

Automated production of combi packs

Packaging procedures with a high degree of complexity are often used to produce combi packs for pharmaceutical products. Infeed systems, which have to be tailored precisely to the particular components, and also integrated into the packaging line, are required for the automated infeed and loading of the various product…

Efficiency and flexibility along the entire line

By switching its packaging procedure to MULTIVAC’s versatile
R 245 thermoforming packaging machines and integrating online flexo printers, the medical products manufacturer WRP Asia Pacific, which operates throughout the world, has been able to secure its competitiveness for the coming years - and in doing so, it…

Guido Spix - Director, CTO and COO of MULTIVAC

From packaging machine manufacturer to digital company - MULTIVAC’s innovation strategy

Interview with Guido Spix, Director, CTO and COO

“MULTIVAC is a real partner for us.”

Cater Food mainly processes pork and beef in both premium and bio grades. Since the two existing machines at the Herrup site were barely able to cope with the constantly rising production quantities, the Danish company, which has seen strong growth in recent times, decided to invest in a R 515 thermoforming packaging…

Christian Traumann - Director and CFO of MULTIVAC

“We want to create added value for our customers in every respect.”

Interview with Mr Christian Traumann, Director und CFO

Automation in meat processing offers a wide range of benefits

The food industry is booming. An ever increasing number of fresh and processed food products, snacks, ready meals, and convenience products have to be manufactured and packed. But it has become more difficult to find suitable or qualified staff. There is currently an acute lack of personnel in the meat processing…

Automation solutions for the bakery product industry

The bread and bakery product industry finds itself in a far-reaching transition. Cost pressure, product diversity
in the market, altered consumer habits, and hygiene
regulations require companies not only to adapt their product range but also to optimise their production
processes. One important approach as…

Cheese attractively packed

Vergeer Holland is one of the largest and most innovative cheese processors in the world. The company has grown in recent years into a flourishing business with 550 employees, and today packs around 60 million kilos of cheese per year. The company does not produce cheese, but specializes in maturing, slicing and…

TTO Printer from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

Exchange program for printers

Since January 2018 MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection has been offering an exchange program for printers

Focus on packaging diversity

The Turkish fish processor, SASTAS, which is located in the city of Samsun, has invested in a R 245 thermoforming packaging machine. This machine was intended primarily for packing marinated fish fillets in pure sunflower oil.

Halal meat and sausage products in many varieties

Burger patties, pizza toppings, sausage and sausage products as well as tasty snacks and convenience foods are the core business of Fettayleh Foods. Since it was first founded, the Australian family business has developed into a leading supplier of halal food and it now exports its high-quality products all over the…

Koninklijke Vezet places its trust in labelling solutions from MULTIVAC

Fresh food products, together with quality, convenience, and sustainability, are of increasing importance in the everyday lives of consumers. Koninklijke Vezet has developed into a fruit and vegetable specialist, which meets all these requirements. Companies which want to survive in the growing but very challenging…

Maintaining freshness with MAP packs

Japanese consumers prefer fresh, appetising and high-quality food products, which are marketed in attractive packs. The products are generally sold in many different variations and produced in small batch sizes. This means a number of challenges have to be overcome at production sites, such as limited production areas…

New generation of direct web printers: DP 210 + DP 230

Maximum hygiene and user-friendliness

New generation of direct web printers

MultiFresh™ packs with full-wrap labelling increase the attractiveness at the point of sale

With its deep, clear and cold fjords, Norway is a paradise for salmon and salmon farms alike. Best conditions therefore for Seafood Farmers of Norway AS, which was founded in 1986, and its parent company the HOFSETH Group, which processes the freshly caught fish and exports most of it abroad. In order to increase the…

MultiFresh™ Skin Packs on pre-cut Board from MULTIVAC

MultiFresh™ skin packs based on pre-cut board - attractive and recyclable

Cutlets, steaks, roulades, chops, diced, and goulash products - today portioned and attractively packaged fresh meat can be seen everywhere in chill cabinets and pre-pack chest freezers. But now the focus is not only on product protection and pack presentation at the point of sale. Other requirements, such as reduction…

MULTIVAC is expanding its printer portfolio with the addition of a versatile thermal inkjet printer

New printer for use in the medical technology and food industries

Volker Gerloff - CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection in Enger

Part of MULTIVAC for 25 years

Interview with Volker Gerloff, CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection in Enger

Visual Inspection Solution I 410 from MULTIVAC

Reliable product and marking inspection in the high output range

I 410 visual inspection solution

Reliable quality control

Thanks to visual inspection systems, quality control can be automated within the packaging procedure. These systems offer added value, particularly for food-processing businesses, since all the packs in a batch can be checked seamlessly instead of random sampling. Bell Schweiz AG with its headquarters in Basel is…

Hans Joachim Boekstegers - Director and CEO of MULTIVAC

The EU Plastics Strategy – areas of action for MULTIVAC

Interview with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, Director and CEO

MULTIVAC company location at Wolfertschwenden

Under the banner of sustainability

Sustainability and responsible business activity are an integral part of MULTIVAC’s company strategy. The graphics describe the different spheres of activity, which contribute to sustainable development.

Maximum pack attractiveness with Full Wrap labelling

Full wrap labels offer a broad range of competitive advantages in comparison to other labelling solutions. In addition to their function as an information medium, they are increasingly becoming an important design element of retail packs. This way, they help the brand owners to increase the differentiation of the…

PapberBoard by MULTIVAC

Always a step ahead

The reduction of the consumption of packaging and the use of recyclable materials in the production of packaging are currently at the top of the agenda in the packaging industry and among consumers. In the near future, the demand for recyclable packaging in particular will increase significantly. With MULTIVAC…

Gıda sanayiinde büyük trendler

Alman Gıda Endüstrisi Federal Birliği (BVE) Brüksel Gıda Ofisi Başkanı Stefanie Sabet ile Röportaj

“Şirket felsefeleri, sürdürülebilir bir şirket yönetimi için çok önemli bir temeldir”

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG Direktörü ve CFO’su Christian Traumann ile yapılan röportaj

Kaliteli et için kaliteli paket

La Granda bir vizyondan çok daha fazlası. La Granda, eski bir Piedmontese sığır ırkının çoğaltılmasına kendini adamış ve geleneksel damızlık üretim yönlemlerini yeniden canlandıran bir konsorsiyum. Hayvanların sorumluluk bilinciyle yetiştirilmesi ve kaliteli etlerinin özenle işlenmesi sonucunda sadece şirketin…

TVI’den dünya çapında yüksek performanslı porsiyonlama sistemi

TVI, GMS 1600 twincut modeliyle Anuga FoodTec 2018’te, maksimum porsiyonlama kalitesi, verim ve esneklik ile kendini gösteren yüksek performanslı porsiyonlama sistemi tanıtacak. Bu verimli çözüm, yüksek iş hacminde de, kesim, biçimleme ve çeşitlilik konusunda en yüksek ürün kalitesi sunmakta ve sorunsuz biçimde bir…

R 1xx serisindeki termoform paketleme makineleri, artık daha yüksek verimlilik için çok çeşitli seçenekler sunuyor

R 1xx serisindeki kanıtlanmış termoform paketleme makineleri artık küçük ve orta ölçekli partilerde termoform paketlemeyi eskisinden çok daha verimli hale getiren çok çeşitli yeni ekipman seçenekleri sunuyor. Buna, bu performans sınıfındaki termoform makinelerinde şekilli paketlerin ekonomik biçimdeki üretimine büyük…

Taze dilimlerın sofrada servısı

Dilimlenmiş ürünlerin otomatik paketlenmesi için ekonomik ve verimli çözümler

ıkıncıl paketleme MULTIVAC çözümleri - hat sonuna kadar verimli ve güvenilir

Kutuların kartonlanması ve yüklenmesi ile paketlerin gruplanması ve teke düşürülmesi için MULTIVAC, esnek biçimde kullanılabilen ve müşteri taleplerine göre bireysel olarak düzenlenmiş hat sonu çözümleri sunmaktadır. Hızlı ve hassas biçimde çeşitli ürünlerde, paket biçimlerinde, ağırlıklarda ve çevrim sürelerinde geniş…

MULTIVAC H 240 roboter

MULTIVAC’ta sistem bölümünün on yılı

Sistemler İş Biriminin Başkan Yardımcısı Michael Lang ile röportaj

25th Symposium for the Medical Sector

In June 2018, MULTIVAC organised the 25th Symposium for the Medical Sector!

Secure packaging of wound contact products

With its patented Debrisoft® wound contact products, Lohmann & Rauscher offers an holistic concept for all aspects of therapeutic wound cleaning, and one which is painless for patients in its application. For these products, the packs have to be capable of being sterilised with ethylene oxide. In order to ensure a high…

Success has a name

The modular conveyor belt labellers of the L 320 series from MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection offer the highest level of flexibility and precision in the labelling of cylindrical and oval products, shaped bottles, glasses and pots. Just such a model has recently been put into operation at Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG…

For maximum security – Product monitoring in the packaging procedure

Thanks to a wide range of inspection solutions, capable of seamelss integrationd into the packaging line, automated quality control can be performed very reliably, even for high-output applications. MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection offers manufacturers of medical and pharmaceutical products an extensive product portfolio,…

How are bundled plastic ampoules packed efficiently and fully automatically in folding cartons?

In order to react flexibly in future to customer requirements, Recipharm commissioned the MCP project team at MULTIVAC with the task of developing an upgradable solution for the automated bundling and cartonning of eyedrop ampoules with an additional pack leaflet. The modular concept, which appears very simple in…

MULTIVAC Tray Carrier

MULTIVAC Tray Carrier as a solution for packing in small series of batches

The trend in the pharmaceutical sector is towards producing in ever smaller batches. This requires packaging solutions with a high level of flexibility in order to be able to make frequent batch changes economically viable. One solution is systems which provide rapid and uncomplicated die change – combined with secure…

Luc van de Vel, Vice President of the MCP Business Unit at MULTIVAC

Megatrend towards individualisation - packaging of small batches

We asked Luc van de Vel, Vice President of the MCP (Medical, Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals) Business Unit at MULTIVAC.

Packing in polypropylene film is challenging but offers many benefits

Polypropylene (PP) film is a standard plastic material frequently used for producing packs. The material is characterised by its good barrier properties, heat resistance, and stability, and it is suitable for producing packs for medical and pharmaceutical products. However, running this material on thermoforming…

Mutfağınızdaki Türk spesiyaliteleri

Şenpiliç, %14’lük pazar payı ile Türkiye’de pazarın öncüsü konumunda yer almaktadır. 1978 yılında küçük bir kanatlı hayvan çiftliği olarak kurulan şirket, günümüzde 24 adet damızlık çiftliği, 2 adet kuluçkahane, 2 adet yem tesisi ve en son teknoloji ile donatılmış 2 adet kesimhaneye sahiptir ve 880 adet sözleşmeli…

Farklı paketleme seçenekleriyle en yüksek kaliteli kümes hayvanları ürünleri

Fredericksburg/ Pennsylvania’daki Bell & Evans firması en yüksek kaliteli kümes hayvanları ürünleri üretiyor. Köklü bir geçmişe sahip ünlü firma, ürünlerinin paketlenmesi işleminde de hiçbir şekilde kaliteden taviz vermiyor. Yüksek kaliteli FormShrink® paketleri üretiminde firmada yıllardır MULTIVAC termoform…

Gerçek bİr fırsattan daha fazlası - Cengİz Han’ın ülkesİnde gıda İşlemesİ

Modifiye atmosfer altında paketlenmiş ve talimatlara göre etiketlenmiş dilimlenmiş jambon, ilk bakışta sıra dışı gelmiyor. Fakat bu bir başarı hikayesidir. Çünkü bu, Moğolistan’ın başkenti olan Ulan Batur’da gerçekleşti. Bu paketleme çözümü, Asya kıtasının bu bölgesinde kullanılan ilk yüksek performanslı makinelerden…

Tayvan’da porsİyon paketlerde İşlenmİş peynİr

Merkezi Tayvan’da bulunan Powerred firmasında, 2016 yılının Ağustos ayında R 245 termoform makinesi ve dolum sisteminden oluşan komple bir paketleme hattı işletime alındı. Bu paketleme çözümü, şirketin kaliteli peynirini, cazip porsiyon paketlerde hijyenik ve verimli bir şekilde paketlemesine imkan vermektedir. Böylece…

Taze denİz ürünlerİ: derhal İşlenmİş ve paketlenmİş

Yilan County’de Nanfang-ao balıkçı limanı, Taiwan’da çok talep gören bir yer. En taze deniz mahsulleri, yaratıcı tarifler, en yüksek kalite ve teknoloji standartları. Yerel balık işleme endüstrisinde pazar lideri olan Cheer Foods kendini bu şekilde tanımlıyor. Bu yenilikçi ve aynı zamanda geleneklerine de önem veren…

Çin’e özgü atıştırmalıklar için çekici tek porsiyonluk paketler

Çin’in Hunan Eyaleti’nde bulunan Hunan Linwu Shunhua Duck Development Co. Ltd şirketi, 2013 yılından beri balık, ördek ve sığır eti ürünlerinden oluşan geniş ürün yelpazesini paketlemek için MULTIVAC termoform paketleme makineleri kullanmaktadır. Yakın zamana kadar günlük üretimde, R 245 ve R 105 modeli iki makine…

paketlerin Full-Wrap etiketlemesi için cazip çözümler

MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, son yıllarda konveyör etiketleme makinesi portföyünü sürekli olarak genişletti. Bu yelpaze artık farklı etiketleme ve performans gereksinimleri için,
BASELINE serisinin basit konveyör etiketleme makinesinden, on etiket dispenserli, 2 şeritli tesislere kadar çok sayıda çözümler…

Her şey tek elden: temperleme ve porsiyonlamadan paketlemeye

Irschenberg merkezli TVI Entwicklung und Produktion GmbH şirketi 1 Ocak 2017 tarihinden itibaren MULTIVAC Şirketler Grubu’nun bir parçası oldu. TVI, et porsiyonlama makineleri ve komple porsiyonlama hatlarının lider üreticisidir. Komple paketleme hat çözümlerinin artık tek bir şirket tarafından sunulması, bu segmentte…

The DNA of Better Packaging & Processing

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG Direktörü ve CEO’su Hans-Joachim Boekstegers ile röportaj

“Üretim hattı bilgimiz ile müşterilerimiz için sürdürülebilir bir katma değer oluşturmak istiyoruz.”

Dilimleme İş Birimi Yöneticisi Tom Stachel ile röportaj

24 saatlık işletimde güvenilir paketleme çözümleri

T.H.E.M. şirketi, tanınmış markalar için çok sayıda çeşitli gıda ve gıda ile ilgili ürünleri 24 saatlik vardiyalarda paketliyor. ABD menşeli şirket, 2016 yılının ortasından beri MULTIVAC firmasının paketleme teknolojisini kullanıyor. MULTIVAC, T.H.E.M. firması için sadece bir makine tedarikçisi değil; aynı zamanda bir…

“Better Processing” ile en yüksek verimlilik

MULTIVAC Teknoloji ve Operasyonlardan sorumlu baş yönetici Sayın Guido Spix ile röportaj

Daha hızlı, daha hassas ve daha hijyenik

Yeni DP 230 film üstü baskı

Verimli ve esnek

Yeni termal transfer yazıcı TTO 06

Consistently high packaging quality

With its R 081 thermoforming packaging machine, MULTIVAC offers an entry-level model for automatically packing small or medium-sized batches in the medical sector and pharmaceutical industry.

Infeeding syringes

For the first time, MULTIVAC is now able to offer its own solution for the automatic infeed of pre-filled syringes, and this solution can be integrated seamlessly into a packaging line.

Loading, removing and converging packs in the smallest space

With the H 052 robot from MULTIVAC, a 2-axis robot can be completely integrated into a thermoforming packaging machine for the first time. This means the space requirement can be reduced significantly. The handling module is capable of being matched flexibly to a wide range of products and finished packs with a weight…

Packaging solutions for small product series

Batch sizes are becoming smaller, the number of necessary batch changes is rising. The trend towards more individual products can clearly be seen in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. But what are the actual concrete requirements being faced by companies in this context, and which packaging solutions can…

Skin packs increase flexibility and efficiency

Products with different shapes can be packed very efficiently in skin packs. MULTIVAC has a comprehensive spectrum of thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers for skin packaging.

Makİne mühendİslİğİnde ENDÜSTRİ 4.0 - MULTIVAC dİjİtalleşmeyİ nasıl desteklİyor ve gelecek İçİn nasıl hazırlanıyor

MULTIVAC Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co. KG’nin Direktörü ve CTO’su Guido Spix ile yapılan röportaj

Belçİka’dan hazır yemekler İçİn cazİp etİketler

Taze salatalar, leziz çorbalar ve tüketime hazır yemekler Belçikalı bir aile şirketi olan Rabbit N.V firmasında çok sayıda tabaklarda ve formatlarda ambalajlanmaktadır. Bir MULTIVAC etiketleyiciye olan geçiş, köşe etiketleyici için sadece çok sayıdaki varyant mevcudiyetinin yanı sıra etiketleyicinin önceden mevcut…

Bİr yardım çağrısı

C 200 Vakum makinesi, İngiltere’de bulunan Rock şehrinin deniz kurtarma hizmetinin ilk yardım setini, enstrümanlarını ve diğer parçalarını ambalajlıyor

Birlikte akıllı gıda fabrikasına doğru

CSB System AG ve MULTIVAC geleceğin gıda üretimi için çözümler üretiyor

Sağlıklı, fİt, güzel ve İnce …

WellU, kilo kaybı ve vücut şekillendirmesi için kozmetik, gıda takviyeleri ve özel gıdaların üreticisi ve dağıtıcısıdır. Marka iyi biliniyor ve kalite talepleri yüksek. Ancak sevilen; herhangi bir ek madde, renk ve koruyucu olmaksızın üretilen barların ambalajları ile ilgili memnuniyetsizlik yüksekti. Bu nedenle yeni…

Yeni hazır tabak kapatma makinesi G 700, hazır yemek, atıştırmalık, sebze ve doğranmış ürünleri yüksek verimli ve ekonomik bir şekilde ambalajlar

MULTIVAC, G 700 ile portföyünü hazır yemeklerin, atıştırmalıkların, sebze ve doğranmış her türlü ürünlerin ambalajlanması için verimli bir hazır tabak kapatma makinesi ile genişletiyor. Yenilikçi gazlandırma teknolojisinin kullanımı sayesinde hassas ürünler, kırıntılı bileşenli ürünler ve sıcakken doldurulan gıdalar…

Automated infeed, loading and unloading of medical products within the packaging procedure

A largely automated packaging procedure increases process reliability, raises efficiency and guarantees optimum product protection. But when is it sensible to automate the packaging procedure? And what are the approaches to this?

No compromise with quality and security

Die Pharmadrucker GmbH is a company specialising in secondary packaging and has more than 40 years of practical experience in working with the pharmaceutical industry. The company relies on the high-performance MR393 labelling system from MULTIVAC
Marking & Inspection on its three folding lines for the versatile…

Yüksek Vuruşlu başlangıç modeli

Ürün yeniliği: Konveyörlü vakum makinesi B 325

Changing packaging procedures

The constantly growing demands and the increasing complexity of products have a serious impact on packaging procedures in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The capabilities of the particular packaging solution are also largely determined by the range of equipment options for the packaging machine and the level…

How can sophisticated Microfluidic products be packed efficiently?

STRATEC Consumables GmbH is a leading supplier of microstructured consumable materials, which are made of plastic or composite material, for medical and diagnostic applications, such as blood and cell analysis. The company has successfully put a C 300 TC chamber machine into service for packing challenging microfluidic…

Her zaman daha yükseğe, her zaman daha ileriye

Chatha Foods Pvt. Ltd., Hindistan’da önde gelen et işleme TESİSLERİNDEN biridir. Sadece lezzetli ürünler ve yüksek kalite bilinci değil, aynı zamanda şirketin kısa bir sürede en iyi şirketler arasına yükselmesi çok etkileyici.

Denizcilik ile uğraşan geleneksel ailenin faaliyetleri

Polonyalı Gadus aile şirketinin odak noktasında, her zaman balık var. Sürekli olarak yakalanır, henüz tazeyken işlenir ve güvenilir bir şekilde ambalajlanır. MULTIVAC firmasına ait dört ambalaj makinası, verimli bir paketleme sürecini sağlamakta ve bu sayede etkileyici ürün çeşitliliğinı oluşturmakta.

Kaliteli kanatlı et ürünleri için MAP ambalajlar

Polonyalı SuperDrob S.A. şirketi kanatlı et ürünlerini MULTIVAC’ın termoform makinelerini ve hazır tabak kapatma makinelerini kullanarak vakum ve MAP ambalajlar içinde paketliyor. Yeni ambalajların çekici tasarımı ve uzayan son kullanım tarihi satış rakamlarının artmasını sağlıyor.

Büyümeye katki sağlayan Yeni ambalaj tasarımları ve otomatik prosesler

Yeni ürün tasarımı, kullanıCI dostu ambalajlar ve yeni ambalaj boyutları ile Norrmejerier şirketi, peynir pazarındaki konumunu daha da sağlamlaştırmayı amaçlıyor. Norrmejerier şirketinin yeni büyük fabrikasında, vakum ambalaj çözümleri yerine peynir bloklarının ambalajlarının çıkarıldığı, konumlandırıldığı, birincil ve…

hat içinde parçalanmış, güvenilir ve izlenebilir paketlenmiş ambalajlar

MULTIVAC, taze etin otomatik olarak paketlenmesi için yenilikçi bir konsept geliştirmektedir

Otomasyonun getirdiği çeşitlilik: Kusursuz paketlenmiş şarküteri ürünleri

Radeberger Fleisch- und Wurstwaren Korch GmbH şirketi, MULTIVAC’ın tam otomatik paketleme makinesi sayesinde, 20 farklı şarküteri ürününü 26 farklı ambalaj ile paketleyebilmektedir.

Dikkat cekici ambalajlı somon füme

Lions Speciality Foods Ltd şirketi, soğuk ve sıcak tütsülenmiş birinci kalite somon üretimi yapmaktadır. Taze ürünler, MULTIVAC’ın tam otomatik ve en küçük modeli olan T 300 hazır tabak kapatma makineleri ile profesyonel şekilde paketlenmektedir.

Çekici ambalajlarda hazır yemekler

Kullanıma hazır ürünler dünya çapında rağbet görmektedir. Doğru ambalaj, bu pratik yiyecekleri iştah açıcı bir şekilde sunar ve yiyeceklerin raf ömrünü uzatır.

Dilimlenmiş ve lezzetle paketlenmiş ambalajlar

Atria’nın dilimlenmiş ürünleri bu şekilde sunulurken, Finlandiya’nın lider et ürünleri üreticisinde üç yeni R 535 tipi termoform makinesi ideal paketleme kalitesiyle rekabet üstünlüğü sağlıyor.

Figlmüller: Şnitzel’den daha fazlası

Gastronomi şirketi Figlmüller tüm dünyadan müşterileri için yılda 250.000’den fazla Viyana şnitzelini pane etmektedir. Yüksek kaliteli yemeklerini porsiyonlara uygun şekilde hazırlayabilmek için aile şirketi 2012 yılından beri MULTIVAC’ın BASELINE vakum makinelerine güvenmektedir.

Cazip ambalajlı tofu

R 145 termoform makinesi ile aile şirketi Saigon Marked kendi ürün yelpazesini sürekli olarak geliştirebilir – ve tofu ürünlerinin dayanıklılığını neredeyse üç katına çıkarabilir.

Taze akdeniz ürünleri

Ceposa AG firması taze mezelerini paketlemek için T 600 kullanıyor.

Gluten-Free baked goods

Thermoforming packaging solutions from MULTIVAC offer benefits when packing gluten-free bakery products

From film pouch to thermoformed pack

In 2014 the Société Interprofessionnelle des Bouchers et Charcutiers Abatteurs à Surgères - SIBCAS for short - replaced its chamber machine with a compact R 085 thermoforming packaging machine. The company was able to double its output, and it laid the foundation for further growth.

Modern technology meets long tradition

An American family business packs homemade meat products, sausages and ham on chamber machines and thermoforming packaging machines from MULTIVAC.

Attractive presentation in a stand-up pack

Sliced wafer thin, folded and appetizingly packed: This is how Bel Leerdammer BV presents its sliced cheese products, Leerdammer® Original and Leerdammer® Charactere, at the point of sale.

Cheese rebels rely on a MULTIVAC packaging solution

Thermoforming packaging machine packs 30 different types of hay-milk cheese - as whole and half blocks or as quarters and eighths

Flexibility is the trump card

The Swiss Bell Group employs various packaging technologies to cater flexibly for the wishes of its market partners. In 2014 the company purchased a further traysealer from MULTIVAC.

Fresh product instead of frozen food

By purchasing the R 145 thermoforming packaging machine, the Bulgarian filo pastry manufacturer, UNIBEL, has been able to make the change from frozen to fresh product. The new packs keep the pastry fresh for so long that sudden peaks in demand can be absorbed. it has also been possible to open up new sales markets…

Natural, crunchy and always fresh

R 145 thermoforming packaging machine produces high-quality packs for fine nut mixtures

Tastes every bit as good as it looks

Fresco Foods Inc. packs high-quality ready meals, made from fresh, locally produced products, in exclusive vacuum tray packs. The start-up business uses a MULTIVAC T 300 for its ready meals.

MULTIVAC Conveyor belt labeller L 300

Christian Vlasselaer reports on the successful sales launch of the baseline L 300 labellers in Belgium

The new series of BASELINE L 300 conveyor belt labellers was presented for the first time in Belgium at the EMPACK exhibition in Brussels at the end of September 2014. Five of these labellers had already been sold to Belgian customers by the end of 2014.

Interview with Volker Gerloff - CEO of MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection

Labelling of products is essential today. It delivers product information, assumes a marketing function with its individual design and ensures authenticity and traceability are maintained.

High Level of flexibility is impressive

Prince Médical uses MULTIVAC
thermoforming packaging machines

Innovative packaging concept provides safe and discreet use

Wellspect HealthCare relies on MULTIVAC

Reliable and economical packaging solution

Greiner Bio-One opts once more for MULTIVAC

Testing in the cleanroom

Machine acceptances and initial sample productions can be carried out at MULTIVAC under cleanroom conditions!

Sterile packaging takes centre stage

For more than 15 years, Catgut GmbH has relied on MULTIVAC’s
technology for the packaging of its surgical suture materials.

A special solution with future potential

MULTIVAC developed a packaging solution for dialysis bags for Laboratorios PiSA in Mexico. This development will also be able to be used in future for similar projects. Around 2.3 million people worldwide are affected by chronic renal failure. If they are unable to receive replacement organs, they require regular blood…

Maximum process reliability and flexibility

Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH relies on a thermoforming packaging machine in the MULTIVAC Clean Design™

Interview with Hans Joachim Boekstegers - CEO of MULTIVAC

The world economy is currently being determined by a number of different factors, which all have an impact on a globally operating company like MULTIVAC. In our discussion with Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, CEO of MULTIVAC, we asked him for his assessment of the current economic situation.

MULTIVAC Thermoformer R 105 MF

Vacuum skin packs in small batches: Saves resources and ensures process reliability

Thermoforming packaging machine R 105 MultiFresh™

Pack more efficiently

Innovative technology for greater material, energy and process efficiency.

A parisian sidewalk cafe in Missouri

In the Café des Amis, owner Guillaume Hanriot has been preparing dishes very successfully according to the sous-vide method since 2013.

Catering in the high mountain ranges

Compass packs meals for canteens at mines in the Chilean Andes with
chamber machines from MULTIVAC.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

MULTIVAC offers many possibilities for increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of your packaging equipment!

Antipasti packed on a MULTIVAC Traysealer

Appetite for fresh antipasti

Situated in Andenne in Wallonia, the Belgian company IDPAK packs antipasti and other tasty starters for the domestic market.

Calf meat attractively packed with MultiFresh™

Ekro in Apeldoorn in the Dutch province of Gelderland has been operating a large abattoir since 1990, as well as an outstandingly equipped boning operation since 2001.

Enjoyment - slice for slice

The Polish dairy OSM SIERPC offers its high-quality hard cheese in an innovative consumer pack.

Headquarter of the chinese agribusiness company Qingdao Chia Tai Co. Ltd.

Higher value creation using an in-house packaging procedure

The Chinese agribusiness company Qingdao Chia Tai Co. Ltd., which is part of Thailand’s largest agribusiness conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group (CP), recently ordered its very first thermoforming packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

Interview with the star chef Holger Stromberg

For the last six months, holger Stromberg has been working with two MULTIVAC chamber machines, and he reports on his experiences
in this interview.

Out of two make one: Cheese packing with passion

Two years ago, the Dutch cheese producer Rouveen Kaassspecialiteiten replaced two older chamber machines with a high-output chamber belt machine from MULTIVAC.

Perfectly packaged: Sliced cheese from Biraghi

MULTIVAC Italia provides a packaging line for triangular-shaped cheese packs

Quick cooking, simple handling and a high- quality, tasty product - convenience solutions are popular with many consumers.

We spoke to Lilly Schmidt, the culinary expert at MULTIVAC, about Mylar® COOK, a packaging technology that was specially developed for the cooking of food at high temperatures.

MultiFresh™ – Complete solution for perfect vacuum skin packs

MULTIVAC offers solutions from one source for producing vacuum skin packs - these include both the packaging machines and the films.

Christian Traumann - CFO of MULTIVAC

Interview with Christian Traumann - CFO of MULTIVAC

Christian Traumann, CFO of MULTIVAC, was elected in the middle of February as Chairman of the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association within the VDMA (German Engineering Federation).